Every project has its own purpose and needs

Start up

VIDELIO - HMS OPERATIONS designs systems in consultation with its clients to meet the requirements for each facility. We assist you through all phases to get the systems up and running on time and within your budget.

Our highly specialized project management team focuses on rapid performance and professional installation bringing together hardware, software, resources and logistic elements. 
We guarantee that the final product will be in compliance with the initial specs.
Services include the following activities :

  • LES
  • TV / VOD



VIDELIO - HMS OPERATIONS offers a unique maintenance program that focuses on reducing your costs over the long term and improving your operations.

VIDELIO-HMS OPERATIONS recommended maintenance and overhaul procedures are stated in the “Operator Manual” and “Customer Oriented Maintenance Plan”.

The former is a compilation of the User Manuals and Specifications provided by the Manufacturers of the Equipment we install. The latter is a specific program including testing and analysis to verify equipment conditions and to act before it is too late. The Maintenance Program provides a detailed maintenance schedule. Through a collaborative approach, we work with you to decrease wasteful service delivery activities without sacrificing performance or quality.

When you purchase VIDELIO - HMS OPERATIONS products, you have the option of purchasing a maintenance and support agreement. Though longer terms are available upon request, maintenance and support agreement terms are for twelve or twenty–four months.
The result is a mutually beneficial outcome - our costs go down and your satisfaction goes up.



All VIDELIO - HMS OPERATIONS installations are covered by a warranty period during which the quality or performance of the product is assured.
Products can be returned, replaced, and repaired according to the conditions stated in the Warranty Card.

VIDELIO - HMS OPERATIONS guarantees the installation materials and workmanship made on board vessels for at least one year after the system/s delivery. VIDELIO - HMS OPERATIONS may extend the Warranty scope for some materials by means of special agreements directly with its contractors.

The claims which should not be in line with the Warranty contract may be “processed” as post warranty claims and filed by the Service Department.



The VIDELIO - HMS OPERATIONS Business to Business (B2B) division was created to meet our clients’ demands in an industry that never stops.

Due to the fast moving technology, parts are indeed often discontinued or unavailable and need replacement alternatives. Our sales team will assist you in finding the perfect match. At VIDELIO - HMS Operations, we understand that in today’s competitive business environment, system uptime is crucial to success.

Technology is so ingrained into business that even the smallest amount of system downtime can result in lost productivity and revenue. This multi-vendor service platform was created to optimize the management of your business and improve our post-sale activities.



VIDELIO - HMS OPERATIONS program focuses on small to medium repairs and improvements. We handle a wide range of projects for audio, video, communication and lighting. During the repair work, the product will be thoroughly inspected and tested.

Our Repair service consists of the following :

  • Product analysis : the purpose is to repair the reported fault. This is the basis for planning the repair work;
  • Repair quotation : a detailed evaluation of the repair costs, or an offer for the replacement with a new product is agreed with the customer.
  • Repair work : the faulty part that was detected during the analysis is repaired or changed.
  • Components : only genuine spare parts are used.
  • Shipping : the repaired items will be shipped back or re installed by our staff.


Onboard Service

This is a great alternative especially in cases where devices are completely/ fully integrated into the system and must be up at all times. Through Service Stations VIDELIO - HMS OPERATIONS technicians are ready to support you in “one-shot” whenever and wherever you need. On-board Service requires good organization and flexibility in providing assistance.

VIDELIO - HMS OPERATION will be on your size. Our Service Stations are located :

  • Monfalcone
  • Venice
  • Genoa
  • St. Nazaire
  • Miami
  • Hong Kong


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