VIDELIO - HMS provides the next generation of fully convergent solutions

The business expanded very fast and at present VIDELIO - HMS has become a leading company specially committed in marine turn-key solutions adopting the latest technologies available.
Our activity focuses on the design, integration and installation of a variety of systems, such as audio, video, communication and lighting onboard large passenger ships, ferries and mega yachts.
The core business of VIDELIO - HMS has been developed onboard cruise ships, with the design and installations of massive audio, video and lighting systems in ship's public areas like main lounges, discotheques, open deck, theatre etc.

VIDELIO - HMS engineers are successfully providing the correct system design to win the typical onboard challenges of space and weight limitation, vibrations, duty cycle, power and cooling requirements, providing the ship's operation people with systems for entertainment and communication, serving the passengers' desires at its best.

VIDELIO - HMS designs and offers a choice of visual solutions specifically tailored for the naval market, comprising image acquisition, image processing and image display

Following the revolution brought to the world of video, with the advent of High-Definition, all the most recent video installations created by VIDELIO - HMS support this new standard, but we also keep an eye open to the upcoming visual innovation like digital cinema 4K, OLED screen technology and Wireless HD.

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